Welcome to PrepAccelerator!

At PrepAccelerator, we care deeply about students and their performance on high school standardized tests including ACT, SAT, and PSAT. Additionally, PrepAccelerator has a strong focus on AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB/BC, and high school and undergraduate mathematics and statistics.

High school is a challenging time for students, and the scores on tests are critical to the determination of both admission and financial aid. For example, an improvement of even 1-2 points on the ACT could lead to admission in a preferred university or eligibility for the shortlist for a coveted scholarship. A strong performance on standardized tests is even more important today, given soaring college tuition costs and the increased competitiveness present in the admission process.

We are committed to helping students navigate the choppy waters of standardized tests. We tutor them not only on test material but also on the best tips, techniques, shortcuts, and strategies to achieve their best score on test day. We view every student as unique and customize our instruction to the student's core strengths, learning style, commitment, and aspirations. Students and parents quickly realize that, in PrepAccelerator, they have a motivated partner working closely with them, and student and tutor together will do our best to maximize test scores in the most expedient way possible.

Please use the Join Mailing List and Contact Us tabs on the main menu to connect and get in touch with us about our services, pricing, and availability. We tutor both in-person and online. We hope we can serve your needs and look forward to hearing from you.