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  • Free account lets you preview the Ratios and Proportions section in Chapter 1: Pre-Algebra before you subscribe.
  • Parents are strongly encouraged to watch the 23-minute introduction to this program with their student. Doing so will help you understand how to assist your student in planning the study timetable and achieving mastery of this material.
  • The questions here are the SAME as the ones in the PrepAccelerator ACT Handbook used during the ACT Boot Camp LIVE.
  • Students do NOT need PrepAccelerator's ACT Handbook to subscribe to this program. However, if you would like to purchase the handbook, visit our Store.
  • 600 ACT-style math questions (10 tests' worth)
  • 46+ hours of detailed, self-contained audiovisual solutions - the approximate length of a semester-long HS class in ACT Math
  • For students with an ACT Math score of 27 or lower and needing rigorous Math practice, students terrified of the ACT Math section, students with a substantial discrepancy between HS math grades and ACT Math section scores, and students seeking a head start on ACT Math
  • In-depth explanations also strengthen student's understanding of HS mathematics
  • Multiple solutions, wherever relevant, are provided
  • Multiple choices intentionally avoided to discourage guessing and to enhance learning
  • TI-84 calculator instructions provided for all relevant questions
  • Test-taking tips and common student pitfalls noted wherever applicable
  • Due to the nature of this product, this is a final sale. There are no refunds.
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