"Dear Dr. Srinath Sampath,

I would personally like to thank you for the free classes you offered at the Northwest Library a few months ago; they changed my ACT score, and thus my college opportunities, significantly. I had been stuck at a 31 composite for multiple tests, and without having the right information on what to study, I didn’t really know how I could improve my score. Then, I decided it would be in my best interest to come to your free classes at the library. I took notes on every slide, practiced with the sample problems you gave me, and bought and used the official red ACT book. I especially had been having trouble with science; on my last test before your class I got a 26 for that section. I took the ACT again in April after regularly reviewing the material I got from your class, and I was shocked at how much my score had changed. My composite was a 34, and I moved up to a 33 in science. This means that now so many more colleges and scholarship opportunities have opened up to me, and I credit that to your class and the work ethic you demonstrated.

Thank you."

--M. S., Worthington Kilbourne Junior

"Dr. Sampath helped me feel more confident about my knowledge and ability to take the ACT."

--R. W., Pickerington North Junior

"My daughter had taken the ACT twice before working with Srinath. She wanted to increase her score, particularly in Science. My daughter had one very focused tutoring session with Srinath and it made a huge difference. Her Science score went up by 9 points and her Math by 5 points. Srinath is extremely intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humor and a true passion for teaching."

--A. W., Pickerington North Parent

"Thank you, Dr. Sampath, for teaching the PrepAccelerator ACT boot camp that my son attended. He described your teaching method as helpful and enjoyable and raised his ACT score by 3 points."

--A. M., Upper Arlington Parent

"Srinath has a calming voice that kids want to listen to. He has a very scientific and personalized approach to tutoring that is vastly more effective than the mass online test prep services. My son raised his ACT score from 32 to 35 after a single session. I have no hesitation in referring his services to others."

--S. G., Carmel, Indiana Parent


"Thank you Dr. Sampath!

My son came to you after scoring 20 on his first ACT attempt. We both knew he could do better, but his nerves definitely had a negative impact. After just a few 1:1 sessions with you, his second attempt went up 9 points! For him, he needed a few academic tweaks but mostly just a confidence boost, which you provided. With that behind us, we can now focus on selecting a school. We have many more options now with a 29 ACT score!"

--K. B., Dublin Jerome Parent

"Dr. Sampath -

I attended your ACT Boot Camp a few months ago, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your help in preparing for the test. I scored a 36 composite (35E, 36M, 36R, 35S)! I found your class *immensely* helpful for preparation, and I know that those Sundays were worth their weight in gold (literally, considering scholarships these days). Truly, thank you!"

--R. B., Westerville Schools Junior

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you do in the community. I think that I speak for most families including mine, when I say that most of us cannot afford private tutoring. The fact that you are willing to take time away from your family and job to plan materials and make slideshows for free speaks volumes about your character. Thank you so much for your help and I wish you luck in you future endeavors!"

--M. E., Thomas Worthington Junior

"Dr. Sampath helped me raise my ACT score with just a few sessions. His tutoring content is created to help students know everything about the ACT, including content and organization of the test. Dr. Sampath has flexible hours that allowed me to fit sessions in after crew practice. His free sessions at libraries around Columbus are so informational and I would highly recommend these to students who want to be confident going into the test but are not interested in the expensive tutoring that so often comes with the ACT. With 13 hours of prep that had both practice problems and review of ACT content, I felt more than prepared. Dr. Sampath is different than other tutors in the Columbus area because he genuinely cares about helping us reach goals on a one to one basis. Dr. Sampath gave me foolproof tips that were easily applicable on the test and helped me diagnose what my weaknesses were."

--S. P., Upper Arlington Junior

"My high school sophomore attended PrepAccelerator's Ace the ACT  seminars at Northwest Library in Worthington earlier this year. Although it took a little persuading to get him to give up three and a half hours of free time on the weekend, he came away from the first session very enthusiastic about how much he learned in such a short amount of time and was eager to attend the remaining sessions. Dr. Sampath's breadth and depth of knowledge on what it takes to improve scores in each ACT subject area is truly impressive. He builds a rapport with students quickly and really cares about helping them achieve success. I have not found another test prep resource for my kids in Columbus that has been as beneficial and worthwhile. Highly recommend!"

--C. T., Dublin Coffman Parent