"Dear Dr. Sampath,
I wanted to let you know that my daughter's SAT scores came in yesterday. She got 1450 with 800 in math and 650 in reading/writing. That is 120 points improvement over her last SAT, she improved in both areas by 60 points each, with a perfect score in math. Her weak area is reading/writing and she couldn't have improved this much without your help. You took advantage of her strong area, logic and math, to improve her in reading/writing. And you helped her improve not only from the technical standpoint but also increasing her confidence. That is a big deal. Thank you for your help!"

--L. B., Dublin Scioto Parent

"Hello Dr. Sampath,

I just wanted you send you a big thank you! I received a 30 on my ACT! This is a four point improvement and I’m so grateful. I couldn’t have done it without you. Before this test, I was skeptical; I didn’t believe that any tutor was going to be able to help me achieve my desired score. However, thanks to you, it seems the impossible has been done! I wanted to send you this so that you could let other students know that it is possible to get the score they want, even it seems out of reach. Thank you for all that you have done for me; I highly recommend you for any student that needs ACT tutoring.

Thanks again,"

--Dublin Jerome Senior

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

Hello! I hope everything has been going well for you since February. As college admissions start rolling around, I wanted to thank you and PrepAccelerator for helping me with the whole process. Thanks to this program, I now possess the 36 I wanted for an eternity. Many fears about college that were paramount before have been erased, and tons of opportunities come in the door every day. For example, I recently received serious attention from Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and many more. None of this would have been possible without you. Thank you for absolutely everything!


--H. B., Thomas Worthington Senior

"The PrepAccelerator ACT Bootcamp is a clear, concise program that will help any student prepare for taking the ACT! My son raised his score a total of 9 points by following Dr. Sampath's advice and method for studying for the ACT. If you are looking for test prep for your son or daughter, I highly recommend Dr. Sampath's ACT Bootcamp course!"

--M. A., Westerville North Parent

"Dr. Sampath’s 13 hour presentation helped me to get a high enough score on the ACT the first time I took it that I was able to go into my senior year with considerably less stress. His test taking tips were incredibly helpful and prepared me to focus better when test day came. The 13 hours were definitely worth it!"

--S. Z., Worthington Kilbourne Junior

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

I hope you have been well. I would just like to let you know that the coveted ACT results came out today, and I got a 36! I am obviously very happy and indebted to you for helping me so much. I would also like to share that I didn't miss a single point on the reading or science sections, which is definitely because of the excellent technique that you taught me. Because of you I now have a wealth of opportunities that I wouldn't have had before. Again, thank you so much!


--A. A., Olentangy Liberty Junior

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

While my son was comfortable with Math and Reading, he needed guidance for the English/Writing portion. He needed someone who could clarify the concepts and answer his questions in a logical manner. Within a few 1:1 sessions, he was able to understand English analytically and got a perfect score on the PSAT. Thank you for the valuable guidance that you provided him!"

--Dublin Jerome Parent

"Hello Dr. Sampath,

I wanted to thank you for all your help and guidance. Thanks to you I was able to score a 36 on my first ACT. Thank you so much for all your help!"

--Dublin Coffman Sophomore

"Hello Dr. Sampath!

I set an alarm for 1:00 AM this morning to check my scores and after checking them I was too excited to go back to sleep! They were as follows:

English: 34   Math: 33   Reading: 36   Science: 34   Composite: 34

I want to thank you so much for all the time you have spent teaching students like me how to succeed on the ACT. I think that your instruction was the difference between my 27 composite starting score and my score now. When I decided to graduate early I was worried about being able to attain a satisfactory ACT score. That worry is gone and now I can focus on polishing my essays and application. Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

--E. R., Dublin Scioto Junior

"Hello Mr. Sampath,

I genuinely want to thank you for all of the ACT prep help that you've given by tutoring me in the library on weekends. I honestly have improved so much thanks to your skills because I was able to practice and apply them during the test. Science was my worst section on the ACT, however I am very proud and thankful to say that I got a perfect score of 36 on that section.

June 2016 (base score):
Reading: 29   Math: 26   English: 25   Science: 23   Composite: 26

September 2017 (after one summer of PrepAccelerator):
Reading: 28   Math: 30   English: 29   Science: 30   Composite: 29

September 2018 (after two summers of PrepAccelerator):
Reading: 32   Math: 33   English: 31   Science: 36   Composite: 33

I just want to thank you so much for helping me, and changing my future because I never thought I would be able to turn my worst section into my best. Best of luck in your future classes, I hope other students can benefit as much as I did!"

--N. P., Olentangy Liberty Junior

"Dear Dr Srinath,

Thank you so much for helping my son with his ACT preparation. Not only did he gain knowledge and strategies, he also gained confidence from you telling him that he could do it. After taking your ACT classes, he had a 3 point increase, and this is allowing him to apply to the schools he wanted to go to. That early morning he checked his scores and had a big smile. It was such a relief for him and me. Thank you ever so much!!!"

--A. R., Thomas Worthington Parent

"Dear Dr. Srinath Sampath,

I would personally like to thank you for the free classes you offered at the Northwest Library a few months ago; they changed my ACT score, and thus my college opportunities, significantly. I had been stuck at a 31 composite for multiple tests, and without having the right information on what to study, I didn’t really know how I could improve my score. Then, I decided it would be in my best interest to come to your free classes at the library. I took notes on every slide, practiced with the sample problems you gave me, and bought and used the official red ACT book. I especially had been having trouble with science; on my last test before your class I got a 26 for that section. I took the ACT again in April after regularly reviewing the material I got from your class, and I was shocked at how much my score had changed. My composite was a 34, and I moved up to a 33 in science. This means that now so many more colleges and scholarship opportunities have opened up to me, and I credit that to your class and the work ethic you demonstrated.

Thank you."

--M. S., Worthington Kilbourne Junior

"My daughter had taken the ACT twice before working with Srinath. She wanted to increase her score, particularly in Science. My daughter had one very focused tutoring session with Srinath and it made a huge difference. Her Science score went up by 9 points and her Math by 5 points. Srinath is extremely intelligent, has a wonderful sense of humor and a true passion for teaching."

--A. W., Pickerington North Parent

"Thank you, Dr. Sampath, for teaching the PrepAccelerator ACT boot camp that my son attended. He described your teaching method as helpful and enjoyable and raised his ACT score by 3 points."

--A. M., Upper Arlington Parent

"Srinath has a calming voice that kids want to listen to. He has a very scientific and personalized approach to tutoring that is vastly more effective than the mass online test prep services. My son raised his ACT score from 32 to 35 after a single session. I have no hesitation in referring his services to others."

--S. G., Carmel, Indiana Parent


"Hi. My daughter took the 2-day boot camp after she took the June ACT. She received her Oct scores today...

Composite increased from 31 to 34.
English increased 4 points (29 to 33).
Math increased 3 points (28 to 31).
Reading increased 3 points (32 to 35).
Science increased 1 point (35 to 36).

Her goal was 34, but now she wants to go for 35 or 36 composite.

Thank you!!!"

--K.H., Dublin Coffman Parent

"I highly recommend the ACT boot camp offered by PrepAccelerator. My son took the class in the summer after completing his sophomore year. He took the ACT for the first time shortly after completing the class and got a high enough score that he doesn’t need to take it again. The course really prepared him for what to expect on test day and he received helpful practice drills and study guides. Dr. Sampath truly has a passion for preparing students for the ACT!"

--E. B., Dublin Coffman Parent

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

I came to you because I needed a few more points on my ACT to get more scholarships for college, and I only had a few more tests possible before college. I started off by studying for the ACT by myself and went down from 26 to 25. I first started one-on-one sessions with you in late February and met with you up until the week before the test in mid-April. You gave me a plan to increase my scores, and all I had to do was follow. Even though I was out of commission due to a mission trip and shoulder surgery, I still was able to get my English up 10 points, my Math up 5 points, my Reading up 1 point, my Science up 5 points, and my Composite up 6 points to a 31! Your plan was amazing and was something I never would have been able to do without you. Thank you for everything that you have done and being a great teacher – from the ACT to life."

--D. H., Worthington Christian Senior

"To potential ACT prep students and parents:

Our experience with Dr. Sampath has been nothing short of spectacular. My student lacked motivation although he is highly capable. His initial results on the test were far less than stellar.
After meeting one on one with Dr. Sampath, his motivation level increased, his confidence seemed to improve and he actually started studying intentionally for the ACT test!! Dr Sampath’s approach, guidance and unique & fun way of relating with my student has made a huge impact. I am overjoyed with the results since his score improved six points in one test.

I would recommend Dr. Sampath and his prep classes to anyone who is serious about getting the best results on their college entrance exam.

--Worthington Christian Parent


I took your 13-hour boot camp in August. I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help. When I was taking practice tests, I was averaging a composite score of 30, and my English score was sitting at 28. However, thanks to your boot camp, I got a 36 on English and a composite score of 35 on the October ACT. I can now apply to the colleges that I want, and for that, I am very grateful to you and your boot camp.

Again, thank you so much!"

--N. R., The Wellington School Junior

"We can’t thank you enough, Dr. Sampath, for the techniques and strategies you taught our son on how to take the ACT test. The results were amazing! M. took the test twice after his several one-on-one tutoring sessions with you. The first time he took the test, he raised his score 3 points. The second time, he raised it yet another 2 points. M. was able to improve his ACT score a total of 5 points from a 28 to a 33 using your techniques and strategies. You have taught our son invaluable testing techniques that he’ll continue to use in the years ahead."

--D. J.,  St. Charles Preparatory School Parent

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

Our daughter attended your Ace The ACT Boot Camp on the last 2 Sundays of August and we have some great news we want to share with you.

We just received our daughter's ACT test score for the September test date and we are elated!

She not only attained a perfect 36 on the English portion, but her Science portion jumped from a 27 to a 35.  Amazing!

As we rode home after picking up our daughter at the conclusion of your paid program, we asked her how she felt about you, the course, and what her thoughts were about the actual ACT test that was then less than 2 weeks away.  She said she was very confident about the upcoming test, because she felt well prepared by your sessions. She told us you presented each section in a highly coherent fashion and provided test taking strategies and techniques in a very easy way to absorb.  She also said that your personality and delivery style connected well with the students.

So, THANK YOU, Dr. Sampath for offering such a highly beneficial program for students who are interested in attaining the most out of their potential.  You prepared our daughter well!"

--Mr. and Mrs. L., Olentangy Liberty Parents

"Thank you Dr. Sampath!

My son came to you after scoring 20 on his first ACT attempt. We both knew he could do better, but his nerves definitely had a negative impact. After just a few 1:1 sessions with you, his second attempt went up 9 points! For him, he needed a few academic tweaks but mostly just a confidence boost, which you provided. With that behind us, we can now focus on selecting a school. We have many more options now with a 29 ACT score!"

--K. B., Dublin Jerome Parent

"Dr. Sampath -

I attended your ACT Boot Camp a few months ago, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your help in preparing for the test. I scored a 36 composite (35E, 36M, 36R, 35S)! I found your class *immensely* helpful for preparation, and I know that those Sundays were worth their weight in gold (literally, considering scholarships these days). Truly, thank you!"

--R. B., Westerville Schools Junior

"Dear Dr. Sampath,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for what you do in the community. I think that I speak for most families including mine, when I say that most of us cannot afford private tutoring. The fact that you are willing to take time away from your family and job to plan materials and make slideshows for free speaks volumes about your character. Thank you so much for your help and I wish you luck in your future endeavors!"

--M. E., Thomas Worthington Junior

"Dr. Sampath helped me raise my ACT score with just a few sessions. His tutoring content is created to help students know everything about the ACT, including content and organization of the test. Dr. Sampath has flexible hours that allowed me to fit sessions in after crew practice. His free sessions at libraries around Columbus are so informational and I would highly recommend these to students who want to be confident going into the test but are not interested in the expensive tutoring that so often comes with the ACT. With 13 hours of prep that had both practice problems and review of ACT content, I felt more than prepared. Dr. Sampath is different than other tutors in the Columbus area because he genuinely cares about helping us reach goals on a one to one basis. Dr. Sampath gave me foolproof tips that were easily applicable on the test and helped me diagnose what my weaknesses were."

--S. P., Upper Arlington Junior

"My high school sophomore attended PrepAccelerator's Ace the ACT  seminars at Northwest Library in Worthington earlier this year. Although it took a little persuading to get him to give up three and a half hours of free time on the weekend, he came away from the first session very enthusiastic about how much he learned in such a short amount of time and was eager to attend the remaining sessions. Dr. Sampath's breadth and depth of knowledge on what it takes to improve scores in each ACT subject area is truly impressive. He builds a rapport with students quickly and really cares about helping them achieve success. I have not found another test prep resource for my kids in Columbus that has been as beneficial and worthwhile. Highly recommend!"

--C. T., Dublin Coffman Parent